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Letter from a person who loved the landscape and hated the portraits.

ilhunaSep 30, 2018, 3:39:18 AM

Everything started looking at the sky, I wanted to transmit the sensations that this gave me, always letting the color of the image speak for itself as if it were a person, for me that (the color) and the textures made each characteristic in scene of the sky, to be able to differentiate it from another day. It was not just about looking at the color, but about the contemplation of the sky in its totality as a disconnection with the reality that I currently live.

I did not know in what way I could address this subject, so broad, with only photographs of the sky. I realized that I am more interested in touching the sensitive part, and with this I am directed to something more personal and more intimate, not only related to me but also to the people that live in my life, with the people I portray, with their lives and the conjugation of our lives, because I do not think they are alien to me, or simple models that only made me a favor of posing.

My shots to the sky

When I started, my first 'official' model was my cousin Julio, who I wrote to him one afternoon to know if he wanted to be photographed, he was impressed and said he did not know how to model, that's when I told him that they would be totally spontaneous photos, I did not have any kind of pose in mind but I did plan what clothes I wanted him to wear. In this first approach to the portrait at this time of my life was strange, my cousin was quite static, the lens completely paralyzed him, despite this I was able to select some photographs that I liked.

Julio is a web programmer, he does not belong to the artistic field or anything that resembles him, and I think that this has a great influence on our relationship at the moment of being portrayed.

The second experience I had was very different from the first, I asked a friend I met at the university, his name is David, he also studied photography and his personal work is self-portrait, I think that made a big difference, I had some ideas of what I wanted to do and he simply reinforced them with his personality, his personality led me to make those photographs, the truth could not predict that those portraits would be that way.

David, on the other hand, taught me that every man has a feminine and delicate side because even a person who wears a very hard shell can also break.

My next experiences were getting better, portraying people based on their personality is what I liked the most, much earlier I came to make portraits but they did not make me feel like I did in these months. It is simply inexplicable the experience and the feeling that allows me to make these photographs, to feel totally satisfied, to look at them and see something that I did not know I could do.

The best advice I could take into account great portraitists was to relate to people and bring their reality to the fore. This makes a difference in the relationship between a photographer and the person you want to portray.

Rosangelica loves nature. This was one of the best experiences prior to photography. I spent a whole day with her in her house and we went from barely to talk to tell almost our whole life in one night.

I would never have imagined that I would dare to do portraits, I preferred to work with objects or landscapes, something that did not require the presence of anyone, for reasons of schedules and availability, just excuses that I told myself, without knowing that everything that involved the Portrait, would not be something completely annoying, I did not consider how important it is to relate to people around me, know their lives, their most personal things, that accept to show me a part of them that is not perceived from outside simply, hear their stories, live a little with their families and something as beautiful as this I was missing.

Victor has an affinity with nature, he is a sculptor and visual artist, he is not disgusted by mud or getting dirty with anything, in this series we play with snails on his body and face. He also showed me his delicacy.

The portrait has made me a less introverted person, it has opened many more possibilities for me because it is a different world, where I begin to feel comfortable, because I already know what interests me, and that I can link it to other things so develop other proposals. Thanks to all these experiences I was able to find what I was looking for and it was so difficult to develop it.

I want to make an intimate portrait where I can capture each person, I just sit down to photograph what they teach me of them, after sharing a time, a night or an afternoon, and so the sensations that I wanted to transmit with the sky I started them look for people, their bodies, their physique and their own environment (their houses, gardens, bathrooms, etc).

- From a person who loved the landscape and hated the portrait, to a person who loves the landscape and loves the portrait even more.