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I'm an artist, blogger, world-builder and filthy casual in her early 30s. I work in tech by day, and create by night! __________ LINKS SubscribeStar Patreon Website Twitter Instagram BitChute YouTube Mastodon _________ DONATE! PayPal Zelle (message me for info) Bitcoin Wallet 36y5cjznFDSvD25347bJqCi9PNAQPg6hGU _________
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Hello, my name is Holly! I'm an artist, writer, blogger and lover of tea. I'm an advocate against censoring online expression, namely speech, media and creative works. I don't have a high opinion of the major social media outlets, though I unfortunately still rely on them to present my creative work to a larger audience. I'm hoping, at some point, that it won't be a necessity. A lot of my work is in the fantasy and horror genres. I am currently working on a couple major projects that toe the line between them. For more information, please check out my website: Thanks for visiting, and please subscribe if you like my work! #art #myart #horror #introduction #artistsonminds
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And here's the finished piece! Art © Ilexys Crowe. #art #myart #horror #darkart #digitalart
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