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I'm an Irish American who is getting sick and tired of the Left-Wing Liberal/Progressive PC culture that has infiltrated every form of academia, entertainment, and other platforms. I'm a Libertarian, a Capitalist, an Individualist, an Anti-SJW, and I support the U.S. Constitution. I believe that everyone should have the right to freedom of speech. Be sure to follow me on Gab: "If a society is to be free, its government has to be controlled." Ayn Rand

They laid it upon the bed and seated minstrels round it to lead the dirge.

I like technology, video games, anime, and just general geek stuff. I'm a conservative, but I don't really do the whole politics thing. I also believe in both God and science. I'm still figuring out the whole social media thing, so I kinda just post whatever random thought enters my head.

Her: Come to bed with me. Me: But I'm not tired.

Strong Minded, Logic Driven, Student of History, Philosopher, Christian with unshakable beliefs and convictions. I'm Dark_Shadow_Logan on other Media.

Renaissance Woman💄/ NFT Crypto Artist 🎨/Bitcoin Babe/ In God I Trust 🙏/ 💎👐 💥NFTs & Stickers for sale, click link to buy 💥

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Welcome. I post extremist content such as original photos, gardening/prepping tips and anti-government rants. I love liberty, dirt roads, books and memes. Peaceful parent. Homeschooler. Unverified hillbilly. Not a real Libertarian. Christian. Have a nice day! You’re awesome! End the Fed! HODL and stack.

Michael Maus
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Death to all authoritarians 🏴 No Commies, No Nazis

Come for the conspiracies, stay for the bunnies.

Nationalist. America First, Apathetic Falcons & Vols fan. Based PC Gamer. Wristwatch enthusiast. I'M A REAL HUMAN BEING! was @BlazenTrain on Twitter. 1/1/20 - 3/1/21 RIP

Mar 2021
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