Human Origins Conference


Forgotten knowledge, our star born legacy and ancient astronauts. It's wisdom with purpose. Let's do this. Tickets on sale now. Visit #HOC2020
Keynote speaker Andrew Collins presents the strange world of the Denisovans and their origins at #HOC2020: In Plain Sight, April 2-5, 2020. Get your tickets now! Visit
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Increase Your Exposure! Be seen by more than 1000 accomplished participants and attendees within public and private commercial sectors. Connect with an engaging customer base in local and regional residential communities, people who are in the market for new ideas and powerful solutions. Build relationships with attendees in the fields of health and wellness, research and education, art and design, lost knowledge, ancient wisdom, emerging technologies and futuristic applications. Demonstrate your talents, skills, crafts and techniques to show just how your product or service can enrich one’s knowledge, improve personal well-being or benefit professional performance.
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