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At the National Political Institute of Education, we provide a unique insight into the world of National Socialism and its philosophical and cultural doctrine. At its core, the National Socialist ideology is an ideology of culture. It is a worldview that focuses on the natural aspects of human and animal life, and respects them entirely. Here is where you will learn about the benefits, values and philosophy of European National Socialism. And remember: we do not discriminate; all ethnic groups and all religious backgrounds are welcome. Let that be known. "Listen, learn and be enlightened - this is the way of the future. The loyal student listens to what is being taught with organisation and discipline. The loyal student is respectful, educated and polite. He does not sprout profanity in the hopes of projecting his view. Instead he waits - calmly - and deals with his enemy in a civilized and orderly manner. He is the National Socialist Student - the man of the educated future!" Visit our student group: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/618363427588415503/activity

Breton nationaliste contre le Grand Remplacement

United Kingdom
May 2017
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