I have learned the old ways of medicine by my ancestors. I also study authentic medical books on both nutrition and herbal medicine by Dr John Christopher, Dr Shook, Dr James A. Duke. Jethro Kloss. and Miss Rene Casey,RN. and I always wanted to help people since I was about 6 years old. My grandmother was a RN during the great depression and cared for people in this community free of charge by giving them injections and other medical care. My Mother and sister are the same way my mother took care of babies as a nurse and my sister a doctor who cares for many homeless an elderly and even middle class people. Now with over 40 years of Traditional Herbal Medicine experience and 5 years of nutritional experience and over 30 years of tactical operations and 10 years of Spec Ops training. I have put together in the last 3 years a factual solution that can help anyone, family group or community get through ANY Major or Minor Event or emergency e.g. Martial Law, natural or man made disaster. With natural solutions strategically planed researched and implemented into any existing EVAC PLAN or bugout plan.
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