How do I purchase a Minds token?

Before you can buy tokens, you must first take the following steps:

1. Enter your mobile number and verification code if you have not already (don't worry, Minds does not store this information, it is just used to prove your channel is unique and prevent fraud).

2. Setup an OnChain address so you can send ETH and receive MINDS tokens. For more assistance, you can read our blog about "How to setup your wallet with MetaMask" (recommended) or "How to setup your wallet without MetaMask".

3. You need to buy ETH because this is the only way to buy MINDS tokens. If you do not have any ETH, read our blog about How to buy ETH on Coinbase or Gemini.

NOTE: It is very important to understand that you cannot participate in the sale if your ETH is stored in Coinbase or any other cryptocurrency exchange. The reason is that once you send your ETH to the MINDS token sale address, the tokens are assigned to that address’ private key. Since services like Coinbase don’t provide you with the key, you won’t be able to move the tokens when it comes time to actually access them. By using such services to participate in the sale you will be effectively forfeiting your tokens to Coinbase. You need to transfer your ETH to your Minds OnChain address before purchasing. For a list of compatible wallets, click here.

Once you have completed these steps, you are ready to buy MINDS tokens.

Step 1 - Visit the MINDS token page.

Step 2 - If you are using MetaMask, make sure your browser extension is unlocked. Just click the MetaMask icon and enter your password to unlock.

Step 3 - Input the amount of MINDS tokens you wish to purchase, or the amount of ETH you wish to spend. Then click "Purchase".

Step 4 - Check the boxes in the prompt and then press "Purchase" again.

Step 5a - MetaMask users will now be prompted with a popup to execute the transaction. Simply press "Submit" to complete the transaction.

Step 5b - Non-MetaMask users will now be prompted with a popup to execute the transaction. Enter your private key and press "Complete". Then, enter the amount of gas you wish to send, then press "Approve". For information on how much gas to send, you can visit

Step 6 - After completing your transaction, you will get a notification that says your transaction is being processed. You will also receive an email if you have provided an email address to Minds.

Step 7 - After a few minutes (or sometimes longer), you will get a second notification that says your transaction is completed. You will also receive an email if you have provided Minds with an email address. Once you receive this notification, your transaction is complete and your MINDS tokens will be in your OnChain address!

Now that you have your MINDS tokens, you can use them to Boost your content for more views, Wire other channels you support, or purchase Minds services like Plus or Hosting.

If you ever have trouble, you can post in the Help & Support group for assistance.

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