What is a pinned post?

A pinned post is a post which is “pinned” to your channel, and will appear at the top of your feed until the post is unpinned. You may pin up to three posts.

To pin a post, navigate to the desired post and locate and click the edit button, indicated by three vertical dots. Select “pin” from the dropdown menu.

...Or on mobile

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@ottman -- I've had a pinned post for two years & someone said in H&S we could have FIVE PINNED POSTS. I click a 4TH Pinned Post .. guess what happened? My oldest Pinned post is gone, replaced by the newest one. So, tell me, @ottman how do I find that 2-yr old post now? https://www.minds.com/rodfather/ (I'm so fu*cking mad right now)
Why is it that when I edit a pinned post another unrelated pinned post gets deleted?
Seems like the Pin function in my channel is browser specific. What I pinned in Chrome does show as pinned in Firefox. :(
Is the number of pinned posts on a channel infinite or is there a limit? Why can't I pin posts in groups? This should be an essential thing for groups. Will pinned posts in groups be available anytime soon?
@nick found an issue or detail that I have been trying to get help on. If you are in blog and pin something to your channel it removes the top pinned item. Meaning I found one of my old posts I wanted to re do clicked pinned. It removed my Andrew Yank post of get in the car ... not sure if this is something that just needs to be noted or if there is a fix.. so I am not sure what is up.. I had three Yang pinned topics on my channel. now I have one. Something is wrong with pinned posts.
So there's a bug on the Android app with pinned posts. I'm using Android 8.1.0. Two weeks ago I pinned a post using the app. Immediately and ever since doing this the pinned post appears twice at the top of my page when using the app. If I select the menu on the pinned post, while using the app, the option to unpin the post is not there. However, the post is not doubled up on the website and the option to unpin is available. I have also noticed that while using the app there are other profiles that have a pinned post appearing twice at the top of their page as well.
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Curiosity question here. A few of us are starting to notice that we have pinned post capability now. (Thanks, by the way.) Is there a limit to the amount of pinned posts for channels/profiles? If so, how many?
Regarding "pinned" posts. We are logged onto this account on Minds on three computers, and if we "pin" a post on our channel is SHOULD appear at the top of our channel feed on ALL those computers, correct? It doesn't. We have cleared cache, logged in and out, restarted the browser, even rebooted the computers but we STILL only see the "pinned" post on top of our channel feed on the computer that was used WHEN it was pinned. What gives?
How can i reverse the order of my pinned posts? I deleted the pinned post that was at the top of my channel because it was a reminded post from another channel which had been canceled. It would seem that when the channel disappeared, the image that was on my reminded post disappeared. I expected that the new pinned post would be assigned to the top pinned post; instead the second pinned post moved up and the newly pinned post was assigned to the second spot. This is my channel. The pinned posts should appear in the order that i determine.
I created a group and I remember "pinning" a post to the top of the group. Now when I visit my group page the pinned post is no longer pinned. How can this be fixed?
Look at the numbers on this post. The spamming attack is constant. This is a pinned post at Meme Supreme.
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Gents, How do you keep something pinned on your channel? I’ve pinned things, and re-pinned them, &c., until I’m blue in the face. They keep coming unpinned. Is there a limit to how many things you can pin (2 at a time, 3..., 4 &c.)? Please let me know, and keep up the good work, Michael @Prospero_san
Friendly heads up, the pinned posts don't hold on my phone app. Love what you all are doing here. Thanks!
It has happened again. I pinned a post, as one do, I later un-pinned it, and it still acts like it's pinned. It had several reminds, but the counter says zero reminds. It just sits there at the top and won't go down to its place. Ironically it was a post about some tiny Scandinavian goblins that can sabotage you and your work.... Is this a bug, or is it the goblin? https://www.minds.com/media/1047940699113889792
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@Nick is there a way to sort what's pinned to the top of your channel, like adjust the order?
Why is the Minds Beta Light Bulb Picture Present on this channels Top Pinned Post 4 about a month?
Pinned Post #Bug {Multiple applications} When on multiple applications to access Minds i.e desktop and mobile browser, when you pin a post on one and load/open/refresh the other the pinned post does not stick, is my posted pinned? Is it only pinned for those using that type of application? (I.e) If I pin on desktop will it only show to desktop users? Seems I can pin 2 different posts from 2 different applications and they only show on top of the feed when opening that application....
I see there is a discussion here about pinned posts but I don't see any option to pin any of my posts. Am I missing something?
I had six or seven posts pinned at some point, but now only three are left. Is there a limit to the number of posts I can pin?
Is there a way to stick a post to the top of my page, like how with twitter you can have a pinned tweet?
I cannot pin any of my profile posts to the top. When I click on "Pin Post" it says "Your post was pinned". When I refresh my page the post is not pinned...
Pinned Posts Suggestion At present it's a bit messy. To reorder the pinned posts you have to unpin them and repin them in the right order and have to do it almost every time you want to insert another pinned post not at the end. So a suggestion: Why not allow pinned posts to be dragged to new positions? This could be done with an extra option in the Menu under Pin, Reorder Pinned Posts, which could pop up a page where you could drag the pinned posts into any order you please or auto order by Date or Alphabetically forward or reverse and then save. Justy a thought to make it more user friendly
Just a thought, a Pinned to top option would be cool!
There's a "bug" with the pinning feature on mobile. I use android. If you pin your last post it will appear twice, as a pinned post and as the original post. Looks messy. On Windows 10, the post only appears once as a pinned post, which is how I believe it should be.
Has anyone reported that all pinned posts from the users they see are posting doubles? There is a bug in the code as well with my account whenever I pin an item. We don't need to see two in a row doubles if you know what I mean.
There have been many complaints; this is getting far worse. Nothing's staying pinned now for more than a day or so. Chromebook, Linux, Chrome
So where the fuck is the Happy Monday Pinned Post, @Nick?
How does the pinned post feature ACTUALLY work here at Minds? I have Minds loaded in tabs on two computers, if I pin a post on one of them, it doesn't show up at the top of my channel feed on the OTHER one, and vice versa. Are other users that VISIT my channel seeing the pinned posts on top of the feed (which I thought was the whole POINT of pinning them in the first place),or what?
>_          I would like to have a higher amount of [boost's] limit. >_           Also i would like to have a higher amount of possible [pinned posts].