What is the Plus cancellation policy?

Section 14 of the Minds Terms of Service:

1. Minds offers optional paid services such as Minds Tokens, hosting, subscriptions, monetization, additional storage, bandwidth, Minds Plus, video transcoding, and Boost (any such services, an “Upgrade”). By accessing an Upgrade you agree to pay Minds the one time, monthly or annual subscription fees indicated for that service. Payments will be charged on a pre-pay basis on the day you sign up for an Upgrade and will cover the use of that service for a monthly or annual subscription period as indicated.

a. Automatic Renewal: Unless you notify Minds before the beginning of the applicable subscription period that you want to cancel, your subscription or service will automatically renew, and you authorize us to collect the then-applicable annual or monthly subscription fee for such Upgrade (as well as any taxes) using any credit card or other payment mechanism we have on record for you. Upgrades can be cancelled at any time in User settings.

You may read the full Terms of Service here

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What is the verification process for minds plus?
One more step! To qualify for our crypto rewards program, you will need to sign up for Minds Plus. This will cost $1 for the first month and $5 for every following month with the option for cancellation. Cancellation will not impact your ability to earn rewards. This is required to help us offset the expensive fees associated with sending SMS text messages internationally! nope Bye Minds asking for CC details not acceptable for me it has been nice best of luck to everyone
Hi Help and Support, I upgraded to plus when I first joined and now it is asking me to upgrade to plus again. I am trying to figure out what is going on. Am I not a plus member anymore?
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@nick curious I show that i verified.. What about the plus showing I am trying to support minds? I spent the tokens do I get the plus?
I think your Minds Plus renewal is broke again. Last month, for the first time I was auto-renewed. Today i found out I'm no longer in Minds Plus. 😥 Either that, or when I updated my android with the new version yesterday it took me out (not sure what the renewal date is).
Hello I'm new here. What is Minds Plus and it will be anonymous from Thai Gov also thank you.
Today My account was verified but now i see my account again unverified, What is problem with minds plus.
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Trying to sign up for plus but keep getting a message saying that my card does not work with this kind of transaction.... I have subscriptions all the place.... so what type of transaction exactly is Plus? Also, if my cards won't work... what kind of card does?
Hey someone, what happened to my plus badge? I have not cancelled my Plus. I checked and it says I am still on Plus. Just no stinking badge. :-(
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For some reason, I am unable to enter a blog post now. What is up? [Edit with Steps] The thing is, that isn't working for me, I open the draft (Edit) Click on the Plus. Select the "play" button Paste in the Vid.me URL The input field just sits there, mocking me (may be projection on the last part) This is the behavior on Chrome, Brave, & Firefox Edge doesn't give me the Plus sign. (I Am, obviously, running Windows 10)
What is the reasoning behind the following.. limiting the number of people i subscribe to? not allowing me to use off chain tokens purchase of upgrade plus? discovery what is it usefulness for ie I can not use it to find anything maybe is there a tutorial? why did tagged option get removed from comments and can not be put back? showing a detail view of groups, blogs, instead of large icon view? I wonder about these things.. Also where is the details of what upgrade plus provides? Meaning I did it once and nothing seemed to change.
What is Going on with The Plus Function? I would Like a refund of my Tokens and to find out why I keep being taken off the plus feature. I have gotten charged for September and sent 20 tokens. The month before was fine, I paid the $5 cash.
The only way to get your channel verified is signup the Minds Plus at: https://www.minds.com/plus and then fill out the form of verification.
@nick curious being on plus for two months now.. is there a group that shows Support Minds and unlock features such as hiding ads, accessing exclusive content.. What is the exclusive content?
Hi, is the plus membership included in the Pro, or is it 2 separate memberships? Ty
What can I do to disappear "UPGRADE TO PLUS" ?
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I upgraded then I called plus before. I don't really know what to do here after the upgraded
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The Minds plus is again missing from my account. The plus sign on my profile was only visible for one day - but now it's gone.
Hi guys, I have a small question regarding the Minds Plus. Is there any way for me to purchase the Plus with PayPal instead of my bank account? :)
I guess i am not able to upload pics to post as posts or comments now ? Safari on iphone 7 plus , same as usual ; what is going on ? ☹️
I just signed up for PLUS at 20 Token per month and ALL I get is a DARK SCREEN.....Are you Joking or What? https://www.minds.com/JPDZahr/
I signed up for Minds Plus. The tokens were paid and the transaction was successful. It shows up in my Billing section, but none of the Minds Plus features are available to me. Looks like something is wrong. Also, when I revisit the Minds Plus page, it is still asking me to sign up, rather than indicating I'm already a member.
I have had Minds Plus for a few months now. Today I get on and I see the upgrade to Plus button. I go ahead and subscribe to Plus again, the transaction has shown up in my bank account. The Subscribe to Minds Plus Button is still there.
I was impressed with the improvements to Minds.com that I was going to re-add Plus+ to my account. But no matter what card I attempt to use, they all get declined. Is there an issue with your processor?
Hello y'all. I think the minds plus is broken. It says I'm enrolled and took my 20 tokens last month... this month it didn't take my tokens and I've lost my check mark.... what to do... unsubscribe and re subscribe???
How to cancellation 2fa in minds? Im using Minds App Store iphone 6s.