YouTube Migration

YouTube Migrate is a new tool featured on Minds which lets you migrate all of your YouTube content quickly and easily over to your Minds channel. To use this feature turn on Canary mode, go to Settings>Other>YouTube and follow these steps:

-Copy and paste your Minds URL into YouTube channel description

-Copy and paste your YouTube Channel ID into the prompt, revealed by navigating to the page above

Hit "Connect to your YouTube" and you're finished! Your content will begin to transfer from your YouTube channel to your Minds channel.

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Hi, the page says that people with over 10,000 subscribers on YouTube can claim a free annual subscription to Minds Pro. I have 20,000; how can I claim this?
I'm having some issue with my Youtube migration. It won't let me transfer any videos. It keeps saying something about my limit being exceeded. And it's not posting any new videos from Youtube on my feed either. Any update on this?
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What happens with a facebook migration?
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I visted to the youtube migration page, I clicked the button and then it askes me to log in and then it redirects me back to that page so I click the button again and now nothing happenes I have tryed it may different browers and its the same result every time
Hi, so I figured out what was going on with my Youtube Migration. I had bitly links in my description that Minds wasn't able to post. It'd be too difficult to get all my video description changed. Any way to transfer a few of the videos that have the bitly links in the description?
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Still seem to be having issues with migration of comments when switching to different notifications in the drop down.
Signed up using the Facebook migration tool, but I can't set a password - thus can't log in to the mobile apps. Please help. :)
Seem to be having an issue with migration of comments between posts. Anyone else? Seems as if it brings the previous, instead of loading the current.
Anyone know if I can recover profile apparently created separately with FB migration login When disconnected reverts to new profile altogether. Had a blog with substantial viewing count.
@jack Rephrase...You had TWO good reasons for being swamped, sudden, huge Vietnamese migration being only one. A thousand happinesses, Jack!
#Please help YouTube Video Minds View 1000 But YouTube Dashboard A View 0 What Does It Mean? Will you count on the YouTube Dashboard if YouTube Video Minds View?
Lately when I share youtube links and check to see the link works, I get 'video unavailabe' on youtube. But the video is still there on youtube.
Apparently if I link my youtube user on minds it thinks it's linkedin and not youtube.
Do your Youtube videos disappear if you migrate Youtube content to Minds?
Any plans to or work already being done to create a facebook migration tool? I'm thinking something that will programatically process the facebook backup or perform a total migration of existing FB content into posts in ones own channel. I have tons of friends that want to move to Minds but want to use it concurrently with Minds until Minds hits full stride. It's just to much of a pita to do both for most users.
Are you going to build a easy migration tool from Twitter or Facebook users into Minds? They have both the "Feed" page structure just like you. Should be easy. You should offer this for mass migration when more people start hearing about your new platform and want to join without losing their historical content. Several blockchain social platforms offer this already. Very important for user adoption @benhayward
#I want to know What is the view that YouTube Link Minds will be counting on YouTube???
Why can we no longer share YouTube Videos straight from YouTube from Android phone? And or pictures from Gallery
Is anyone else getting an error when clicking a link to videos that are hosted on YouTube? It opens the YouTube app but I get an error. Is YouTube blocking viewers that come from Minds?
explicitClick to confirm you are 18+
Anyone know how to post the video picture from youtube? I can copy and paste the youtube address ok.
Thoughts on replacing YouTube...... The most useful part to content creators from YouTube is that it pays real money. Is there any situation or scenario where minds would have a setup, with any type of advertising perhaps, where YouTube people could get the same monetary value by using minds vs. YouTube?
I really wanna use the Minds app on my android phone but seeing as I set my account up here with the Facebook migration option, I can't sign in on the app afaict. Can someone help me?
How to add youtube video? I post the title, add the Youtube link and post. However only title and link show, no video. Can you help? Thanks guys.
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new algorithm idea. As minds continues to grow, can we assemble some way for the smaller channels to grow as the community grows; with the mass migration from facebook?