How can I post a thumbnail image with a link?

Simply paste your link into your post and wait a second - the thumbnail will appear! You may then choose to delete the link if you wish: the thumbnail will persist.

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How come when I post a video link it only posts the link and not a thumbnail or image of video in post? Is this something related to new accounts for a period of time?
I can't figure out how to choose a thumbnail image for my video.
If you include a link in a post, you get a "thumbnail" from the link. I often find that these are way to big and distracting. I've just had this happen on post and it raised the following questions: 1) Can you delete one of these massive thumbnails after it's been added? I couldn't find a way to do that. 2) Is it possible to include a smaller version of the thumbnail in the post instead? 3) Can you include a link in a post without any thumbnail? This is particularly important (to me) if I want to include several links and only one gets a large image included. Thanks.
How can I add a thumbnail to my group? How can I replace the yellow lamp?
Hey MINDS, maybe a old question, but I have not yet got it...How can I add hyperlinks to my status post without thumbnail preview?
I can get links to post with title and thumbnail as a post by adding the space after. That does not work when I am posting a link in the comments not on my post nor others'. Android Mobile App.
I had a post with a youtube link added, which made a big thumbnail for the viideo. Upon editing the post, the thumbnail disappeared and won't come back! I had boosted the post and have since deleted the post, since there would be limited interest in a post about a video with no picture of the contents. How do I get in touch with support?
Can you upload a still image as your video thumbnail?
How do we set a cover image or thumbnail when posting a video?
How can i post more than one image at a time to a post? And how do you add more photos to an already posted?
@minds FEATURE REQUEST: Could you please generate a thumbnail for a post when pasting direct links to image files? For example, if I paste a URL like the following into a post, the post will come up with no thumbnail. It would make posting images a lot easier and it seems the code change might be very simple
Hi @ottman @mark @john @iancrossland Is there a list (or blog) of known bugs? Sorry if I'm repeating things. Here is a bug. When uploading an image, if I don't click submit, but instead click on the minds logo, and then return to my profile, the image appears in the thumbnail gallery, even though I never submitted it by clicking "post". This can be reproduced each time. Also, if I post an image and then delete it, the deleted image appears in the thumbnail gallery, even though I deleted it. thank you kindly your work on minds!
Secondly, when posting a picture together with a link that generates a thumbnail, the final post is without the picture and without the thumbnail. That's not expected behaviour I guess. We should be able to create posts with pictures and links. If a picture is attached to the post, thumbnail should not be displayed but the picture should be displayed. I hope you get my feedback.
I've just post a status, with a image, on my channel. I'm also a member of a group. When I go to the group, I would like to post a status to the group and use the image I uploaded on my channel. ¿How do I select the image and get it to show in the group status update.?
Can someone point me to a tutorial on how to upload a video to Minds that shows a thumbnail image instead of a black screen before it is played?
Everytime I upload something there is no thumbnail, I click the edit button select a time within the video to use as a thumbnail but it takes forever to load. Finally I get a point in the video I like and hit save and 1 out of 10 tries it doesn't save the still image as the thumbnail just reverts to a black image. Am I doing something wrong?
Hello, I can't upload a thumbnail to my video! No image works, no matter what size I try. Any help!?
#Featurerequest "edit/delete images".. as in having the ability to change the Image on a post. Sometimes I post an Image and later realize I used the wrong image.. or to refresh the post with a new image.
I have been posting to groups for a long time so I understand how it works (and I even add the extra space) it will NOT LOAD THE IMAGE as a thumbnail for the post which just leaves a link. This is ONLY with the app not if I post on a browser through the site. They had a recent update I there a way to revert back to the old version or can you guys fix this? Kinda makes the app useless for posting...anyone else having this issue? Help!
How can i fix that i can post photos from my library with a samsungS3 phone with android 4.3? 
how do i put a thumbnail on my videos
Hi. How do you choose a Thumbnail Image for the front image of a video? Couldn't find this mentioned in the FAQ. If this can't be done. Where in the video does the Thumbnail image come from, ie, is it always a set number of seconds in?
Hi hi ! For some reason links from @McLoving are not creating a pic. I pasted from a number of different posters on another post yesterday, and theirs was the only one. This is another post of theirs and I’m using a different device, and again it’s not making a thumbnail. I repeated it to be sure , you can see my cursor in the image. (I pasted, then made a space. The gear spins but no thumbnail picci loads.) Thanks. iPad (3) iOS 14.0.1 Safari browser
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I've been having trouble deleting images from my channel. To clarify, when I delete the post with the uploaded image, it disappears from my wall, but it remains visible in the lower left-hand side of the page where it appears as a 'thumbnail' under Images. I deleted a post with an uploaded image a couple of days ago and, since it didn't disappear from the Images section, I figured it was just a system delay. Yesterday, I realised I had uploaded another image twice by mistake - once without text, the other time properly with text. Once again, the image without text still remains visible as a 'thumbnail' under Images despite it disappearing from the main wall.
How do I ensure there be an image when I post a link?
I uploaded an image with a post. The image was replaced with a generic logo. I already deleted the post. I was curious if this happens if their is a problem uploading?
Youtube thumbnails. How can I get all my youtube links to display the video thumbnail. Otherwise, I just end up with a series of links that NO one wants to click on.
How do I re-position my avatar pic? Also, how do you post links to videos? I copy pasted a link but nothing showed up, just the link no thumbnail or anything else.
I really don't understand the blog option... Is it a real blog or a normal post? Can we post several posts in that blog? I started one but can't post anything in it... only that one first post that isn't even a post, it's like a profile image for the blog and a description... How do we post in it?
I found a BUG: When publishing a new blog post, a post seems to be automatically created to your channel for that blog post. However, you can save blog posts with empty titles, which will result in an empty post on your channel, i.e. one without title, message, description, nor thumbnail. When you later update that blog post, since Minds caches the thumbnail, it fails to retrieve a new thumbnail for the blog post, if you make another post linking to your blog post. If one adds additional characters after the URL, the post will retrieve a new thumbnail, instead of the cached one, which can be used as a workaround in that scenario.