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Helene Goldnadel - Stop Your Child's Panic Attacks

Helene GoldnadelJul 19, 2019, 11:50:59 AM

We tend to often worry about our kids, but what we don't know is that our kids may also be worrying too much. If you notice your child is prone to have sudden periods of intense fear or difficulty in breathing, then you'll want to continue reading this article.

Some common symptoms of panic attacks are shortness or quickness of breathing, sweating, headache, trembling, dizziness, and intense fear of death or of going crazy. Panic attacks or anxiety disorders are quite common in children and adolescents but we tend to misdiagnose these symptoms. These attacks, despite them being a treatable disorder, however, often go unnoticed. And therein lie the problem. These attacks may then become more frequent and more complicated, sometimes developing into full blown phobias.

Panic attacks can disrupt your lives. Your child may tend to feel anxious around other people, therefore he or she may not want to go to school thus disrupting his/her schoolwork. In some more advanced cases, the child may develop agoraphobia or the fear of being in open spaces. In cases like these, the child won't be able to function normally, as the child may get panic attacks every time the child leaves the house. Other teens often tend to rely on alcohol and drugs as they feel that these are remedies when they get the attacks. Or in more severe cases, the child or teen may develop violent or suicidal behavior.

It may be difficult to diagnose panic disorder in children. Therefore, the child should be comprehensively evaluated by a pediatrician or a child and adolescent psychiatrist in order to determine the best possible course of action to be taken to cure the problem. In some cases, permanent cures are attained through psychotherapy. Psycho-pharmacological treatments may be necessary in other cases. However, some medication has been known to cause panic attacks in some people, so it's always better to try the more natural ways of treating the problem before starting your child on medication.

Fortunately there are a lot of easy, more natural cures for getting rid of Panic Attacks. Remember the earlier we detect the problem, the easier it can be cured. And it's definitely worth our while to spend just a little more time with our kids, helping them in their schoolwork, or simply inquiring and listening about their day. Because helping stop our child's panic attacks is a big step in preventing us from suffering through the same.

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