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What Might Be Causing Your Hair Loss Can Be the Key to Treating It

healthtechJul 19, 2019, 5:23:53 AM

Hair loss is a complex problem, unlike what many “miracle products” might have you believe, you can’t just treat everyone the same expecting results, you have to look deeper, and at Skin Club in Melbourne this is precisely how they approach hair loss. They don’t just look at the type of hair loss you are experiencing; they look at why you may be experiencing it. Then they use several different approaches such as medications or PRP hair treatment using the body’s growth factors, which is why their hair loss patients have such great results.

How Does Skin Club Treat Hair Loss?

As with everything they do at Skin Club, they start with a consultation, and this is especially important for things like finding effective hair loss treatments that suit your needs. You get a chance to sit down with an experienced Cosmetic Doctor and have them assess your hair loss and speak with you about all the factors involved. After the consultation, each hair loss patient will undergo a baseline blood test, which helps to rule out a lot of potential causes for hair loss.

There’s little point in trying to force hair growth if you discover something underlying is causing it that can be more effectively treated. All the treatments they use are evidence-based, and along with their attention to detail it is what makes them the best hair loss treatment providers in Melbourne.

PRP Hair Loss Treatments

While PRP injections are not suitable for every single client suffering from hair loss, for many, they can provide remarkable results. When it is suitable it’s quite often a brilliant choice, and many people that receive PRP treatments end up with a satisfying fuller, thicker and more luscious head of hair after PRP treatments for hair loss.

How is PRP Hair Treatment Prepared?

PRP hair loss treatments are prepared using a concentration of platelets from a patient's blood, while this sounds quite scary to many when they first hear it the merely a small blood sample, not unlike a typical blood test. The sample is then processed using their in house high-grade equipment separating it into different sections, a specific portion containing a high amount of platelets is then extracted from the sample and with some preparation the treatment is ready.

How are PRP Treatments Performed for Hair Loss?

The application of PRP injections is performed with precision; one of the many reasons it pays to have an experienced clinic like Skin Club perform such a treatment. The PRP injections are applied with a series of tiny injections intradermally, as this is the most effective layer of the scalp to inject as it provides the most effect on follicle thickness and growth.

How Does PRP Hair Treatment Work?

During the preparation of the PRP injectable calcium chloride is added to the formulation, this sets off what is referred to as the “clotting cascade” and stimulates the platelets to release large amounts of growth factors which assist in growth and rejuvenation of the hair follicles. This treatment is a modern approach using your body’s natural mechanisms to your advantage, just amplifying it using an advanced technique.

How Long Does it Take to See Results?

As the hair begins to grow results will start to become apparent in 3-4 months, typically increased hair thickness is the first thing people notice. The more significant benefits become more apparent after around eight months; giving the growth factors a chance to do their job stimulating the hair follicles takes a little time. Usually, before then, you will start to be quite surprised by the noticeable changes occurring already.