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Which is the best Blue Dog Food Raw or Commercial Food

RawDogsFoodFeb 20, 2020, 10:06:05 AM

We sat side by side the pros and cons of different types of dog food - Commercial, Homemade, Canned, Raw to make your decision of what to feed your dog a little easier!

Many Blue dog lovers frequently debate about whether raw food is more beneficial than commercial food. Although Blue Dog Food doesn’t come in as many colors, shapes, sizes, and flavors’ as human food, there are still some varieties to choose from. No matter which type you choose for your canine fellow, the most important factor in your decision should be finding food that meets all of your dog’s nutritional needs. In this article, we will understand the food habit of the Blue dog. We will also find which food is best for your Blue dog with the help of nutrient value on food.

Understand the food habit of Blue dog

When we look back at the diets of dogs, it is evident that they are carnivores. The teeth and digestive physiology of dogs strongly support this. Their jaws are hinged and powerful. The canines and triangular-shaped carnassials teeth of dogs are used for ripping and tearing flesh and crushing of bone. Dogs do not have the fang that is used for grinding of plant material. They also lack in the four-chamber stomach for the slow digestion and fermentation of complex carbohydrates. Canines have a short digestive tract, large stomach, and indicative of consuming a large amount of high protein diet in a short time.

Commercial Dog Food:-

The benefits of feeding your dog dry food are many, which explain why so many people buy commercial– and only commercial– for their dogs. Whole Dog publication has a yearly oral history of taking hard looks at the virtually endless variety of dog foods on the market, breaking down why certain foods are good choices, and what is the reason you want to avoid others.


• When feeding dry dog food, you must trust the company and manufacturer as to ingredient quality and safe food manufacturing processes – your dog is at the mercy of the pet food manufacturers’ diligence

• Commercial food often includes low-quality ingredients like meat by- products, sweeteners, and preservatives

• Dry dog foods are usually heavy

• Dry dog food component quality varies and it’s almost impossible for consumer to differentiate


• Dry dog food is generally the most profitable diet you can give your dog

• Dry dog food travels & stores well

• Commercial dog food includes a guarantee of nutritional completeness you don’t need to worry about deficiencies

• Dry dog food is available in a different ranges like flavor, sourcing and cost

Raw Dog Food:-

For those who want both the health benefits of raw dog food and the convenience of a packaged, nutritionally complete diet, commercial raw dog foods may be an option worth exploring.


• Raw dog food uses fresh, which means maximum nutrient retention for your dog

• Dog diets that include raw meat are closest to the, biologically appropriate diets of wild and ancestral dogs

• Most commercial raw foods contain no preservatives or artificial flavors’ or colors at all

• Raw food diets show noticeable health improvements for many dogs


• If feeding commercial raw food, people must still trust pet food company as to provide quality and safe food manufacturing processes

• Raw diets are not good for sick dogs because it may contain pathogens

• It is difficult to travel with

• Raw food must be bought regularly, or it takes up a lot of freezer space

• Some raw dog foods contain too much fat.

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