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Home Security Systems: Tilt Sensors

gurutechnologyguideAug 29, 2019, 2:19:32 PM

Smart home security systems are essential in helping us remain safe in our homes. The thought of these devices usually has people wondering about motion sensors, security cameras, thermostats, and such items. But rarely are we ever informed about the components in those devices. An example is a tilt sensor. A tilt sensor helps keep your doors and gates locked, whether you are present or away. The type of tilt sensors you have in your security system affect the level of security you enjoy. It is therefore vital to know more about those sensors, to know which ones to have installed, or as part of the security system.

A tilt sensor is a component in the security system capable of detecting orientation or inclination. They are generally small, affordable, easy to use, and rarely ever wear out. You will hear of them being called tilt switches, mercury switches, or rolling ball sensors. The setup usually consists of a cylindrical cavity and a conductor inside for transmitting electricity. When it is placed or aligned in a straight manner, the conductor remains in the cavity and thus transmits power. But if there is a shift such as tilt, then the conductor moves out of the cavity, cutting off the electricity transmission.

A tilt sensor will, therefore, inform you when a door is open or closed. As part of the smart home security system, it allows you to be aware when a door is left open. It goes further to enable you to control your doors remotely if you have a home security system that allows for the use of apps for remote monitoring. There is also the ease of accessing the garage when you arrive at home, without the need to get out of the car to open the door, or to ask someone else to come to open the door for you. View here for more information about mercury switches.

With these sensors, there is no point of entry or exit in your house you cannot monitor. The best ones are compact enough to allow installation in all your doors, gates, windows, and other tilting structures. Any tilting will be detected, and thus set off the alarm.

The tilt switches also come with the advantage of being resistant to the effects of magnets. In the past, most home security systems relied on reed switch sensors. They were effective until the unscrupulous and malicious individuals discovered that magnets could render them useless in their functions. With the help of a simple magnet, burglars could enter and exit your house undetected. It was a massive disadvantage until the tilt switches were invented.

When choosing a home security system, ensure that you have the best and most advanced features in the system. For more information, click on this link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Mercury_switch.