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Pennsylvania Director for Gun Owners of America. Retired Air Force Colonel (physician).

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We're a husband and wife 2nd Amendment and rights advocacy team. From the outset the goal of Locked & Loaded Latinos has been to expand the firearm and freedom movements within the Latin community through education, enlightenment, and exposure. Each week we discuss topics from 2A advocacy, current events, cultural issues, and bilingual discussions on our rights and the Founding Documents.

Official channel for Gun Owners of America in Pennsylvania. Stay informed on what is happening in PA General Assembly and around the state.

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Rob McNealy
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CoFounder of https://Krappy.Art & Undead Presidents. Check: CoFounder of Executive Producer of Permafrost: Politics: Kulak; I don't like boxes. Creator: Photographer, NFTs, Metal Artist, Podcaster. Hustle: Entrepreneur, MBA (Recovering), Floor Nerd & Welder #UndeadPresidents #TUSC #NFT #Krappy.Art #NFTs #PermafrostMovie #Guns #Firearms #2A #Crypto #Blockchain #IndieFilm #RKBA #NFT #PewPew #Photography #IndieFilm #Movies #Films #3dPrinting is a website dedicated to archiving the Constitutional Sanctuary movement spreading across our country.

Apr 2021
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