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Welcome to JJ's Hemp Dispensary The #1 Leading CBD Store in the Philadelphia Area. We are Women-Led & LGBTQ+ Friendly! JOIN US AT PENNSYLVANIA'S PREMIERE CANNABIS FESTIVAL ON OCT 1 & 2 2022 AT RENNINGER'S FARMERS MARKET, KUTZTOWN PA SEE YOU THERE!!! CHECK IT OUT


That landrace showin through in some oldschool Afghani One


"The force is strong"- ShamelessHussy pushing through stress testing and stem splits like a fuckin CHAMP


These beautiful ladies have made it to day 31 so far and looking amazing. Colors are starting to show, and the smells are absolutely stunning! Some 🔥 in the making!


please like, coment & subcriber link Full 👉🏻


Day 20 of flower and oh my how have they grown!! These strains are looking amazing! Still a month and a half of growth to go! Can’t wait! The picture of the whole room, I had to stand on the top step of a 6 foot ladder to get!#minds #420 #runtz #cookies #dopestdopeyouveeversmoked