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Write an Author Bio

greatwritingtipsblogAug 18, 2018, 1:44:07 PM

Not only that it is helpful to know what you really need in order to include an author bio, it is also helpful to visualize samples on how to make your vital information must appear. This article would encompass everything you have to know that must be part of your author bio and several examples of professional bios. You can visit website for more on bio writing  or view some great examples at this website.

The rules that you must know on how to write a professional bio are as follows:

1. Always write it in a third person point of view - you bio is not your autobiography. You do not say something like this, "I am ghostwriter for five years." Instead you must say, "John Doe has been a ghostwriter for five years now." It is a lot easier to trust a bio that looks like it is written by an observer.

2. List favorable facts -do not waste your time by means of sharing your ambitions. "John Doe wanted to become the best writer of his time." That is not right here. You must only include the pertinent information that could back you up with proof. "John Doe has provided his services independently through online employment forums like Elance and oDesk." These are known facts that could be confirmed by searching those forums.

3. Include experience and education - if you have already taken courses, you might like to include this, most especially if your list of facts is not easy to confirm. Take a look at some samples online.

4. Bring memberships - mention any memberships that you have been into especially in business groups, writing clubs, and many more.

5. Keep it tight - do not be too wordy. Show them your best skills in writing. You must keep the sentences brief. Ensure that each sentence has to be there.

6. Hold, grab, and hook - you have to ensure that your bio consist of something that is distinct about you. It would be best to provide something that the reader would not forget about you.

These rules do not need to be applied in an orderly manner. All you have to do is to be able to include most of them as much as possible. You might not have a proper education about this, but do not fret over. You should build your confidence and experience so that you can improve your bio.

Writing a bio is not a simple task but when you know how to do it, it would be easy for you. You can read more on this here: https://www.huffingtonpost.com/courtney-seiter/how-to-write-a-profession_1_b_5577682.html.