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The Best Way to Drive Safely in a Dust Storm

greatdrivingguidesJul 22, 2018, 7:11:21 AM

For you to drive a car appropriately on the road, you need to have a clear view of what lay ahead. After all, you cannot speed on a road that you can't see five meters ahead. Various adverse environmental conditions can make your driving experience a bit difficult. These are things like snow, fog, rain and much more. One of the most diffcult situations that you can find yourself in is during a dust storm. These are very strong winds that have a massive accumulation of dust that can easily blind you if you are directly exposed. The advantage of being inside a car is that you are not going to interact with the dust directly. That's if your car's windows are fully sealed. On the down low, you will have very poor vision as you drive. In fact, driving on a road that is experiencing a dust storm is very hard. So, how do you ascertain that you make it through safely when you find yourself in a dust storm? Most probably, you haven't planned for this. As you traverse different states on your long drive, you go through different climatic regions and at one point you may encounter a dust storm. This is something you'll want to discover more about.

Dust storms are very common in the Southwestern region of the United States during the summer. Those that are familiar with these environmental catastrophes can easily spot a dust storm coming from miles away. It usually looks like a cylinder of dust, very many kilometers wide and rolling across the desert. Those who aren't familiar with a dust storm cannot even know what is about to hit them. Usually, a dust storm enters the highway from the side and considering is large length, it can throw a car out of balance and into the darkness in an instant. You'll surely want to get more info. This can result in multiple accidents and pile-ups. When you discover that you are in a dust storm, apply the same rules that you apply when you are in a fog. Never halt on the road as the vehicles that are coming behind you won't have enough time to stop after they spot you. A good option is to stop slowly and pull up at the road's side, turn off all of your lights and wait until it is safe to resume driving. If there is massive traffic that is preventing you from stopping, concentrate on the white lanes on the road and start moving slowly so that you are aware you are moving in the right direction. Within a few minutes, the dust storm will be over and you can move on with your journey. Here's how to drive through a dust storm: https://youtu.be/cigjsGRoEvs