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Benefits of Customized Window Films

glassgraphicsblogOct 4, 2019, 9:10:07 PM

Window films come in a variety of designs, but you can request custom made ones. The most common ones are dry-erase, translucent, opaque, temporary, or semi-permanent. You can install them at home or on commercial buildings. Graphic designers create the art on the make custom made films. Here are the advantages of the custom window film with graphics.

The decorative window films are more cost-effective than solar reflective films because their sole purpose if to decorate the home. You can find decorative films that are resistant to glass shards' penetration, filtration of UV rays and more but they are the most expensive ones because of these added features.

Frosted window films enhances the privacy of people in the house. They protect the home's valuable assets from being seen by people outside the house. Frost window films are most commonly installed on the hospital, bathroom, bedroom, and office windows these are the rooms that people need a lot of privacy.

Alternatively, use the shatterproof films for they are opaque if you do not want the translucent frost films. Shatterproof window films offer protection in cases of blasts and when burglars break into your home. The films will prevent the glass shatters from flying about and hurting your family.

The UV rays are prevented from getting into the house by the window film thus elongating the lifespan of your household items. Uv rays cause the furniture, carpets, flooring, blinds and many more items to fade. You will need to replace the assets of your home frequently if you allow the UV rays to always come into contact with them. The window films save you from the costs of repairing and replacing the assets of your home frequently. Regular glass for windows allow a large percentage of the UV rays from the sun rays to get inside the house. Find out more about the ST Graphics gradient window film by clicking here.

UV rays are harmful to your health hence look for solar reflective window films to filter the UV rays from the sun rays that get into the house. Some of the skin infections that are caused by UV rays include skin cancer, sunburns, wrinkles, and aging. UV rays also cause eye injuries and fatigue. Curtains do not prevent the glare of the sun. You will spend more on bills for lighting the house because of the glare of the sun which will make you leave the lights on in the daytime.

Window films are great insulators hence they will complement the functions of your air conditioner. The solar reflective window film keeps heat from the sun away from getting inside the building so that the interior of the building cools. The window film prevents warm air from leaving the room through the glass during cold seasons. You will not need to use the air conditioner frequently hence you will save on energy bills and the air conditioner will have an elongated lifespan if your windows have films. For more information, click on link: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Window_film.