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Hi, I'm Giuliana 🦊🍵 ✺ pattern and print designer ✺ ✺ nature inspired illustrator ✺ ✺ mystically ordinary lady ✺ I create to ease into the God-given world of awe and wonder. Inspired by folk tales, myths, astrology, religion, my love of agriculture, and general good wisdom and common sense, I dream up images for you to get lost in, and maybe found in as well. My main medium is digital art, but anything creative tickles my fancy (especially weaving and ceramics). All artwork I post is original. Please ask to use any images for personal or business purposes. Custom requests are also welcome. Enjoy! /// Visual Arts Critique Room: Writers' Critique Room:
location_onSouth Dakota, United States

Self taught artist with way too many interests and not nearly enough time. I dabble in portraiture, landscapes, pet portraits and still lifes. I hope you like my "stuff" and stop by again.

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Artist. London Art critic and curator Aindrea Emelife recently wrote about Lilia's painting: "The ethereal beauty of Lillia's fantastical gardenscapes is mixed with a loose Impressionist technique, as brush marks seem to fall off the canvas. Allow earthly splendour to fill the room with dreamy romance and a distinct Japanese calligraphic influence."

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Artist ...Living in rural New Zealand....Mum to 4, Home Schoolers/Life Learners, love to create....sewer/knitter/crocheter/gardening on our Permaculture site.

CG Artist, Teacher, Father, Husband

Children’s illustrator, wife, mom of boys. Follows Jesus.

based artist 🙉🙈🙊

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Can we have a lil imagination? Can we have a lil magicak? Can we have a lil humanity around here? I tired more than once to tell you, to communicate what I know. You did not or could not listen. You can not show to anyone what she has not seen. It's time to pull the cosmic trigger... Support ETH: 0x5d3b2efca4b2284870053eef2f3309599bb132b7

Procreate artist Illustrations, postcards and more Comissions opened Find me on Etsy

Creative Art Director and Character Designer

I am a renowned creative artist who has expertise in fine arts nude photography & fine art oil paintings. I am a gold medalist in photography, film making and art. Be sure to check out my website and take a look at my latest projects!

South Dakota, United States
Jan 2021
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