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Why You Should Consider Playing Mancala Games.

giftbuyingtips456Dec 17, 2018, 8:41:10 PM

Mancala games are a kind of board game that has existed for quite some time. No matter your age, you can surely benefit from these board games. A lot of reasons can be associated with the constant popularity of this particular game. By playing these Mancala games, your age does not matter at all because you will be playing it for countless hours. The simplicity of these games are another good thing about them. With its being very simple, you can play them just about anywhere. If you want to play these Mancala games, you need to have a board. Learn more about Board Games from https://www.mancalagames.net. However, if you do not have the official board, you can always create your own version. In terms of availability, though, you have a number of Mancala boards for choosing. If you are really a fan of the game, you can even play them online. Here are some fast facts in playing Mancala games.

Knowing how this particular board game works is one of the things that you have to do before playing. So, when it comes to Mancala games, they are comprised of one gaming board that comes with 14 cups. Twelve of these cups are placed just within the middle portion of the board. If you look at the size, these twelve cups are smaller than the two cups you see side by side. The larger cups are those you find on the left-hand portion as well as the right-hand portion of the board.

Looking at your twelve smaller cups, the game pieces should be put inside them equally before Mancala game can be played. To play the game, the players must pick up their seeds from the cup and spreading them in a counter-clockwise motion. Picking up the seeds usually begins on the side where the player is playing from. Nonetheless, there are other Mancala games that may need you to sow seeds in the cup of your opponent.

But then, there is still more that you can enjoy. Once the player will reach the larger cup of their side of the game board, they will be dropping the seeds inside. To get more details about Board Games, click www.mancalagames.net. The player who drops the most seeds on their side of the game board is going to have better chances of winning.

The game of Mancala stops when one of the players does not have any seeds in the smaller cups of their gameboard side. One way of knowing the winner is also through looking at the larger cups and which one has the most seeds. Playing Mancala games requires a lot of strategy and mathematical skills for any player. Nevertheless, anyone can still play these Mancala games owing to the fact that they are very basic and straightforward. If you know how to count, surely, you can enjoy playing this game. Learn more from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Board_game.