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What You Need to Know about Sod Prices

getlandscapingtipsSep 18, 2018, 2:53:05 PM

Sod is the grass and part of the soil under it which the roots held and another piece of metal. Sod is often used for golf courses, lawns, and sports stadiums all over the world. For residential properties it is often sold to landscapers and homeowners who make use of it to set up a lawn and to prevent soil erosion. Sod can also be used to repair a tiny part any lawn that got destroyed. It can also be used on a golf course or any athletic field that just died. Sod is also highly effective when it comes to cooling, enhancing the air and water quality, and also in getting rid of flood water through draining.

As for the cost of sod, there are several factors that affect it. You have to consider the type of sod, the amount of it you need, the location where you buy it from, the area where it will be used, and whether you will do it yourself or ask a professional to install it for you. Know the boise sod prices here!

The greatest factor to influence the cost of sod is the location. It costs more when it has to be shipped to far-flung areas. There are also those that are meant to be shipped for a long period of time. The hydroponic sod is more intended for shipping long distance but it is also more costly. Know more about landscaping at https://www.huffingtonpost.com/home-advisor/post_9363_b_7165934.html.

The regular rate for sod is 8 to 30 cents for every square foot. A 2,000 square foot project may cost between $160 to $600. The delivery charges will vary from free to more than half the sod's cost. Usually there is a minimum amount to be delivered. There are other elements that have to be considered to the costs. Some of these are the following: tools that you don't own or may not be able to borrow, seeds for spot seeding, organic material, and of course labor.

There are several ways to bring down the cost of sod. It helps if you do careful shopping and read more about it before you start buying. Sod prices also differ from one place to another so make sure that check on the options given below:

Get estimates from several contractors from this site you can trust. Ask a couple of factors to be included in the quotation such as the estimated installation time, per hour labor cost, and cost per square foot. You could also ask if they would be able to give you discounts.