Just call me Guiveeeeeer Politics: I don’t like picking a side politically because I don’t like considering politics a game where one team needs to win because they’re sided with them. If a party supports their country first and foreign policy second, then I’m down to support them. Gender Politics: There’s two genders. When someone transitions, they change from one gender to the next, it’s that straightforward. However, people who transition still carry traits from their primary born gender, so you could argue that they’re more F2M or M2F (female to male or male to female). Physically if you change your appearance, you’re still genetically your born gender. By the way, people should only be allowed to choose transitioning once they’re considered an adult in their country, it’s a serious decision that should be given time. Oh also, if you feel like a certain gender, guess what you still are physically? Feeling like another gender does not change you genetically or physically. Either you’re comfortable the way you were born or have funds & have thought over changing your gender for a long time and feel like it’s time. Sexuality Politics: There’s Heterosexual, Bisexual, Homosexual, and that’s it. Kinks are not a sexuality, they’re merely kinks and that’s it. Gun politics: People deserve a form of self defense. And the world already has guns everywhere, so at this point you’d be naive to think everyone has good intentions when people are held at gunpoint by a criminals daily in the US. So yes I’m pro 2nd amendment. Just practice gun safety is all I ask. Abortion politics: Abortion should be allowed in these instances: The woman was forced into intercourse or the woman’s life is on the line. Rewarding a couple with an escape from responsibility (that being abortion) because they were careless in bed is not a good lesson to teach. You have other ways to pleasure each other & precautions you can use/take to avoid pregnancy. I think I covered everything major in politics.
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