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Want To Enjoy Playstore On Kindle E-Reader?

generalanyaAug 8, 2018, 10:36:00 AM

If you wish to enjoy Android apps on your Kindle E-reader, then you will have to install Playstore on your device. The steps to install Playstore on Kindle E-reader are mentioned here in this page. We all know that you can enjoy all apps on your Kindle which are available on Amazon platform but in order to enjoy third-party apps, you need special access or installation of software.

The requirements for installation of Playstore on Kindle Fire E-reader are:

1. Kindle E-reader any model.

2. Android APK file for transferring to the device from computer.

3. Windows based OS in your computer.

4. Developer kit for direct installation.

5. Root junky tool.

You can get Playstore on your Kindle in 2 different ways. One way is by downloading the APK file in the computer and transfer it through USB cable. Another way is by directly installing the software on kindle tablet. Both the ways are convenient for you. You can go with any out of the two.

Now, we will discuss the second method i: e, by installing the Playstore directly into the Kindle. This method is the most preferred method by users. The hectic of downloading the apps individually gets finished after installing the Playstore. Along with playstore, you will get complimentary play services to support a number of apps.

Important: If you are using the latest OS version on your Kindle, then you may find a problem in using the second method for installation of Playstore. It is recommended to either stop updating the Kindle or downgrade it to 3.0 or lower. You can use a junky tool to bypass the update process.

1. From the home screen, go to ‘Settings’ followed by ‘Device’.

2. Open ‘Serial number’ and click on it twice. You will now get entered into developer mode. You will also get an indication for the same on the screen. In case, you don’t find this screen, you can contact Amazon Kindle support page.

3. Enable ADB option to start development.

4. Connect the Kindle to the computer with USB cable provided with the Kindle box.

5. Open the super tool and fetch files here.

6. Here, you will find a file with name ‘Playstore’. Click on it. This will be a batch file.

7. Now, after this, you need to install drivers for your ADB program. This you can get from online driver page.

8. If prompted to select the type of method for installation of drivers. Click ‘2’.

9. If the drivers are not being installed properly, then you can do one thing, just download the drivers in the PC and transfer them to Kindle with the help of USB cable.

10. Open playstore now and click to start installing in your Kindle.

11. Close the submenu and exit from the main windows. If you find any problem, you can contact Kindle customer support.

12. To block further OS updates on your Kindle, click ‘Type 3’.

13. Now, restart your kindle to check if everything has been properly configured or not.

You can now start searching for any app from Playstore. If you find any problem in deleting, adding or disabling the app, then you can go to ‘Manage kindle’ option from the settings and click on the particular app you want to disable, delete or move. This will solve your purpose.

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