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Software Engineer. Coding to make internet available faster. To everyone.

My name is Alex Odorico. I started Project MACHETE to try and spread awareness for the need to change the way social networks are designed, developed, and operated. Hobbyist web developer. Cryptocurrency & Blockchain enthusiast. Digital Media Design & Marketing ✌️❤️😁☕️🧙‍♂️🦋👽.

Self taught physicist/ time traveler/ quantum physics master/ DaVinci code cracker/ fact finder/ everything world news. Please share.

after repeated bullying and harassment of my previous social media accounts resulting in censorship and stress. I present to you my only social media presence on the internet for neptunia Ecchi-ness NepEcchiFan Cute neps! LEWD neps! Nep news and Possible Nep Merch showoff you can be assured, this page is going to have a tonne of Neps (lets face it, Neptunia characters are the best waifus in existence and I am going to show them off)

For those that want it, we will give you the NAKED truth. GOING crypto COMMANDO!!! All our content in the future can be located at It takes a bit of time to operate this channel, so if you feel like this platform is helpful please donate BTC 1QH3WxgJERNC7YyteEh8RCoseV7NvzrzoC ETH 0xA40FfF2050d80016C67782A2b038B9BfC5689da7 LTC LVmDs1dHBaUoQFgiwBzFkMJG9wW9p3hZsU or use our referral links Binance Coinbase Cryptohopper (1 month free trial) Mana Project(free tokens)

Code To Inspire is committed to educating female students in Afghanistan by taking a data driven approach and improving their technical literacy by teaching them how to code so that they can find future employment as freelancer.

We go through and discuss potential low market cap moonshots out of the top 100. Our subreddit have 8500 participants, helping in discovering these.

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Live-Streaming the development of various techy, sometimes open-source side-projects with NodeJS & React-Redux using not-so-great practices.

Midwest United States
Jun 2015
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