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location_onLake Jackson, Texas, United States
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Home for Youtuber & Fan Of All Things Gaming The Quartering

Mid City Digital
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Independent web design and hosting business based in the great state of Texas! We primarily work with small DIY startups, non-profits, independent musicians, artists, bloggers, etc.

Cristian Sabarre
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Comicbook Colorist from the Philippines. Liberty Loving Pinoy Portfolio:

Bill Ottman
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Co-creator & CEO @minds

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Minimum politics, minimum effort, maximum satisfaction. Chaotic Neutral. Follow me, I know de wae. Finder of frens, mother of hashtags. The Game, you just lost it.

I'm the owner of Singing Ice LLC - an e-book production and publication company. I am also the Editor-in-Chief of The Gonzo Press a digital magazine. Let your voice be heard at!

2021 is my free year to build up my skills and portfolio, before I apply to University. I'll be growing my practices on, Writing, Filming, Animation, and Painting/Art. Not necessarily daily posts, just casual updates on what I'm working on and where I am at in the year. Hopefully I keep this alive.

1/4 Black Garrett
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Maker, Internet drifter. Professional rule breaker. Producer on #LouderwithCrowder. Member of the #FandomMenace. Art by @xeviuss

Bradley Cooper
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Technology Enthusiast/ Skateboarder Owner of Kick Push Mafia Clothing 28 🛹 🛵

Underground Art. Fringe Society. Vulture Culture. Please feel free to donate to my cause and help me by wiring a token! Just 1 token is all it takes for me to draw something for you so why not wire over 1,000? ;P I love to draw and want to challenge you to challenge me to be a better artist XD

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Lake Jackson, Texas, United States
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Sep 2018
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