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So... Recently, I Visited the Perimeter Institute

Andrew KamalAug 23, 2019, 5:18:35 AM

I have taken a vast interest in the origin point of the universe, (as you already know from my last blog post), and this has led me to be obsessed with mathematical patterns in ways I haven't prior. This also led me to get back into my passion of cryptography. This is why I have a startup known as HippaSafe 2.0, which focuses on hardware key cryptography that is HIPAA compliant. However, my hardware key cryptography focuses on multi-path layer encryption with a key expanding recursively all the way until layer #7.

Post-Quantum Multi-path Layer Cryptography Illustration

This led me to wonder about how multi-path layer cryptography and encryption can apply to Quantum Computing, specifically post quantum networks. Something I done today was ask a few researchers at Perimeter about whether or not, "If people had access to post-quantum encryption than will they just be as insecure as everyone is now, since the technology becomes more accessible?". This seems to be more of a philosophical than a theoretical question. Also, I forgot that while there may be some Quantum Information researchers at Perimeter, there are mostly mathematical physicist or more of the theorists. I probably should have tried the Institute for Quantum Computing at University of Waterloo first.

One of the people I talked to also tried helping me find two faculty members to talk to (after one of the post-doc researchers I wanted to see wasn't there). I later found out that he is an expert in Quantum geometry, and an emerging field (that I am yet to be familiar with or have any insight on) called MERA. While, I wasn't able to find lots of the information I was looking for, it made me start to think. That thinking led to something beautiful.

The "AHA moment"

I realized that many of the functionalities that apply to Quantum Cryptography from a mathematical standpoint, also applies to the theoretical nature of the universe and what I have called "Multi-Dimensional Quantum Breakpoint Theorem". The first layer for Quantum recursiveness in mult-path layer cryptography acts as an origin, and highly complicated keys get built-off that. The same sort of applies to regular hardware key cryptography as well.

This leads me to believe that the universe is almost like source code. With everything following these mathematically evident patterns in nature and sequences that look quite articulate. As far as the research validation I wanted to get, I found out that I have been asking the right and important questions related to my research. Mathematics is evident in nature.

The following video from the above sort of resembles a common interest in what I have been following up on. However, these physicist have only somewhat of an idea of what they are talking about. Most of the video is just blowing smoke and not an articulation of what is actually the true meaning behind all this. The equations I discovered are beyond that. You look at things evidence in DNA, molecular structures, and then even have things such as "consciousness" or how the universe is constantly expanding. We aren't living in a matrix.

There is a preconceived notion making up all these fundamental laws of the universe. What I have discovered with Quantum similarity, and my recent work tells the big picture. The fact that we look into equations such as MDQBT and they can remind us of similar concepts in Post-Quantum cryptography or Quantum recursiveness (even though we are trying to look into the origin of the universe w/ MDQBT) isn't a coincidence.