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How to Prevent Account Takeover

freedarkwebmonitoringOct 2, 2019, 1:45:37 PM

The people who use the internet are many. Most are the times when the internet in their businesses. When you have a business and are using the internet, you have to create a website where the information concerning your business will be contained in. your business accounts need to be private such that no one gets to access except the stakeholders of the business. Most are the times when thieves want to takeover business accounts for their selfish gains. For instance, they sell those accounts to gain money after they have access to them. As a business owner, you need to look for ways of preventing this. There are various ways of preventing account takeover. Some of these ways are discussed in this article. Click here for more about this ways.

You need to fortify passwords to prevent account takeover. It is better to look for a proactive strategy of preventing account takeover than constantly defending it. Most are the times when employees choose obvious or simple passwords for business accounts. It is risky to use such passwords since they can be easily guessed. Therefore, it is advisable to choose passwords that are hard to guess but can be easily remembered. Also, you need to teach your employees the importance of strong passwords so that they do not change the strong passwords to simple ones.

Another way of preventing account takeover is intervening early. Most are the times when business owners notice there is an account threat when their credentials are already stolen. When you notice this, you need to prevent the credentials from being sold to criminals. One of the ways you can prevent that is by using a sophisticated technology that will help you access the same data as the criminals and then try to control the damage caused by the criminals. Visit this website for more information.

If you find that the credentials have already been exposed, you need to look for a security solution that will automatically and instantly force the passwords to be changed. With that, all users will be locked out of the account until one uses the set strong and unique password. It is advisable during this time that the administrators are alerted of the activities being carried out. Also, thorough research should be done to ensure that there is no suspicious activity that took place. Compromised passwords should not be used anywhere else. Above are some of the ways of preventing account takeover. Discover more here: https://www.britannica.com/topic/cybercrime/Hacking.