Frederico Linhares

Roman Catholic. Ruby and C/C++ developer.
location_onBelo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil

Jesus said, "Know what is in front of your face, and what is hidden from you will be disclosed to you."

Self Help, Fitness, Wellness And Online Business related Course. All Product comes with Video Training, Audio and eBook.

Hey friends. I love working with Microsoft Excel. 馃挴馃挴馃挴馃挴 Back. Love U All. 鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳鉂も潳

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Welcome to my art portfolio! All art you'll see here is my own. I'm a concept artist, illustrator by trade. I've done concept art for multiple indie games, books, stories, small budget movies, YouTube art and whole bunch of Teespring merch. I'll be doing book covers too. Thank you for visiting and let me know if you need anything! I'm open for commissions. NOTE: I can't follow back generic or too spicy channels, sorry. I never report anyone but spammy or radical channels might get blocked on rare occasion till some kind of "mute" function is introduced.

Retired expat living in Ecuador on the beach. I enjoy sunshine, sport fishing, carpentry and simple life on the beach.

Welcome To The Mixed Music Channel Here On MINDS, Where You'll Find Some Of The Best Mixed & Mashed Songs Ever Produced.

Purple Rose Publishing celebrates history, philosophy and theology of all forms. Join us in a journey through the sands of time!

I am a religious researcher, scholar, and writer. I have a Bachelor's in Philosophy, an MA in Theology and a current doctoral student.

Pomeranian Logic
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Hello. I am Basil ( 3HCm ) ____________________________________________________ ____________________________________________________ _____________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________What are these lines for? Good question? Neat though. ______________________________________________________________________________________________Link to Minds Unlisted ________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________________My hope is the Father, my refuge is the Son, my shelter is the Holy Spirit, O Holy Trinity, Glory to You._________________________________________________________________________________ List of channels (This list is not an endorsement or approval of all the content on these channels, nor is it an endorsement of every channel in this list) Fren @sjg00 @Paulinnation @Quangnguyen2707 @shalone86 @Christianchannel @chesschats @jakdelano @Shatterrealm @Poyo @MCfowler @chillijam @ronin1 @roselinn @pinn @Promisesofheaven @night_shade @jarodh @muncheternal @MDyoung @NKript @vidarshnu @halleluyahyeshuamashichyhwh @KatherineMolly @Warum58 @Greg400 @nalonmccallough @Captain_crazy_cakes @roydeilock @crimsoncapsulekitty @Siamkuriki @lilydesu @ravee @siddharth07 @ladyhug @redskywalker1111 @1wrench4me @ @ @ @ @mybluelove @ @ @mrskitkennedy @

Belo Horizonte, State of Minas Gerais, Brazil
Nov 2019
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