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Learn More about Selling Homes to Real Estate Investors

freddievansteenburgOct 24, 2018, 11:20:54 PM

Basically, homeowners have relied on realtors for a long time when selling and buying homes. However, there have been so many frustrations along the way. This is because selling with a realtor is a lengthy process that is also tedious with showings. However, you can now sell your home without using a realtor. This is because real estate investors now provide a better and simple option.

Because real estate investors use cash to buy houses, the process is usually faster. This is unlike selling through a realtor when the buyer would have to look for a mortgage. If the mortgage application is declined the sale process begins afresh. Actually, the risk of fall-through is high when dealing with a realtor. However, when selling to a Nashville we buy houses company, things are smooth and the risk of fall-through is eliminated.

However, you need to find a reputable cash home buyer such as the Pristine Properties. This is because many fraudulent businesses have joined the real estate industry. Such businesses only promise yet they don't deliver. However, you can avoid such fraudulent real estate investors by working with a reputable we buy houses Nashville.

The process of selling to a cash home buyer is usually simple. You only need to make an application online and an offer is given. This makes the whole process faster and hassle-free. Unlike realtors, you don't have to list your home. Upon accepting the offer, the transaction may be completed within a week.

Today, homeowners are opting to sell to home cash buyers for various reasons.

1. Stopping a foreclosure.

Usually, many homeowners buy their homes through mortgages. However, there are times when repaying the mortgage might not go as planned. This may happen when you lose your job or due to medical reasons among other reasons. If you cannot repay the mortgage, the lender would initiate the foreclosure process.

By selling your home to a cash home buyer, you can stop the foreclosure process. This is because you will have the cash to repay the mortgage balance on time. The remaining cash can then be used to plan for your next home.

2. Sell the home as-is.

Another reason why real estate investors have become popular is that they buy the property in its present condition. Therefore, selling a home fast as is now possible. This is unlike when dealing with a realtor, where repairs are necessary. Instead, the cash home buyer pays for the present value of the home.

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