The Juxtapositions of Reality and That Of Main Stream Media. It’s About the Only Person In This 2020 Race That Is the Original Creator of the Progressive Platform That EVERY ONE Else Is Now Trying to Claim as Their Own. There Is Only ONE Person Who Has Consistently For 40 Years Lead This Fight For Us.And Has The Receipts To Provo It. Don't Settle For A Copy... Everyone Knows Copies Are Never As Good As The Originals. BERNIE SANDERS 2020
Just a Question? If it is not legal to donate more than $2,800.00 (two thousand eight hundred dollars) to any one Presidential campaign for any one candidate... Than why is it legal for a candidate (Bloomberg) to in effect donate $35,000,000.00 (thirty five million dollars) to the Bloomberg presidential campaign? It shouldn't matter if it's his money or not, it still is the one person Bloomberg, donating $35,000,000.00 to the Presidential election campaign of the one candidate, Bloomberg. Am I the only one who to see this as a Problem?
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