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Thinkster- The Best Online Maths Tutoring Website

followtheeducationblogJan 30, 2019, 8:53:45 PM

If your child has been struggling with his math grades, there is good news for you. Understanding mathematics is not easy for some learners as some concepts might be difficult.. Luckily, there are online tutorial platforms like Thinkster that make learning easier for students. With Thinkster, you need not worry about your child getting poor grades. More so, there are other countless benefits of journeying with Thinkster as explained herein.

Thinkster has many benefits and it is a high time that you get your child enrolled. The process is straightforward and you can get started within no time. Wi-Fi connection is not a requirement because you can download the worksheets and get started. What you need to do is register your child and have him do an assessment test. The test is useful as it gives the tutors a chance to understand the strengths and weaknesses of the student. After this, the tutors provide feedback to the parents and discuss what should be done. They also answer all your questions and finally come up with a customized learning programme.  Click here for more info   https://hellothinkster.com/online-math-tutor.html.

Once you agree to the learning programme given, your child is matched to a suitable mentor. The mentor is responsible for providing educational materials that are from the latest curriculum and grading the daily work of the learners. All tutors are qualified and experienced and understand the curriculum at various levels. They are well trained and have what it takes to teach maths to all sorts of students from fast learners to slow learners. You can view their profiles and understand more about them even before enrolling for the sessions provided. You can know their level of experience and the fields they specialize.  Here is more information about  Thinkster Math.

Additionally, the tutors assign tests after the learners complete their courses. They take interest in the time time taken to complete the test and the accuracy of the concepts applied by the students. These are incredibly useful methods of measuring the level of understanding of the students. Most importantly, Thinkster encourages one on one interaction through whiteboard coaching and also give students and coaches an opportunity to exchange feedback. Notes, videos and other relevant learning materials are also provided by the tutors. Parents also interact with the coaches and discuss the progress of the learners and their goals. Students are also rewarded at Thinkster. They earn points and can exchange them for gift cards. That motivates the learners to work hard and improve on their grades.  Read more here : https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Live_online_tutoring.