🌍 OPen Your Eyes OPen Your Mind B OPen 🎭  🇫🇷 La science mon essence - L'Art mon excutoire. Entre, mon âme vibre. Dans ce va & vient incessant, mes joies, mes envies, mes tourments, mes combats vont et viennent pour ne faire qu'un. La danse de ma vie au rythme de mon coeur et de mon esprit. On est tous les 🌟 de nos vies 💚🇺🇸🇬🇧 The Science my essence, the Art my excutoire. Between, my soul vibrates. In it go and come ceaseless, my desires, my agonies go and come to make only one, The dance of my life at the rate of my heart and my spirit. "In human the intelligence is an uncultivated ground which it is necessary to maintain" (Eugène Delacroix). We are all the 🌟 of our life ❤ Foep Lactée.😎 RKE

Welcome To The Mixed Music Channel Here On MINDS, Where You'll Find Some Of The Best Mixed & Mashed Songs Ever Produced.

Question More, Hold them to account. The truth is in Plain sight, But people are banned from talking about it. Go inside, meditate and discover the ultimate truth. -The Covid Cure Protocol:

An eclectic collection of various muses of the Dark_Side_Of_Bliss

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Who am I? A mask behind diffrent faces, a - Pick Pocket Magician 🃏 - Lock Picker🔓 - H4ckt¡v!st_ (GreyHat) ☠ - Hardware Tinkering 🔧 - Programmer/Web Dev💻 - Linux Admin👤 - IT/AV Department🎚 - Musician 🎼 - Software & Stencil Artist🖌 - 3D_Pr¡nt!ng 🖨 - Privacy Advocate 🎭 - Video Editor🎬 - AntiSkid🚫 News more important than repetative identity Politics Boycott Google Survaillance/Censorship: use and plant trees with privacy better than Google #OpAmazonia Facebook supports Isis: during #OpIsis, they censored my anti-Isis hashtags. I will be staying in minds #Anonymous is a collection of Ideas of: Activism, Cyber Security, Freedom of Speech, Self Defence, Self Sufficiency and Relience, Health and Environment, Alternative Energy Solutions, Alternative Decentralized News #OpHongKong #OpDeathEaters #MMM

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Maker of things and stuff, an illustrator of whatever. All 2D works made using only colour pencils onto cotton rag: All 3D works made using anything and everything. Art on Minds...

Sep 2016
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