We live in a world where, the fool gives you mind, toads talk about love and whores about honesty.

I am a simple, honest, humble and respectful person. I delight in meeting people. You can subscribe to my channel for quality contents. (Joined since July 2020)

From the Depths of Hell,- Satire, Comedy, fun You mad bro?

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i have lots 2 tell U. steal my memes Also: No solicitations, yo that’s annoying

I'm DaHighLife, I take pictures and video of #beachlife #farming #beerreviews #chickens (All video and photos are mine and made by me). I post thoughts, random questions, stolen memes, original memes, RMs, stuff I don't necessarily agree with, and other things. Don't assume. In the words of a better person than I. “I yam what I yam, and that's all what I yam.”- Popeye the Sailor Man

Ruby Mejía 🥑🥕Cocina Natural y Terapéutica Conciencia Alimenticia

I'm an IT Professional and cryptocurrency enthusiast. This channel does not offer any financial advice and is ONLY for educational purposes. I'm not a financial advisor.

I'm a Fashion Model and I have a fashion agency. If you want to work with me, send me a video where can be possibile to see you in bikini or langerie. If you are a fashion brend and you are looking for advertising you can get a contact by this profile.

Apr 2021
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