Just a guy who loves Various mythologies, and tends to hold the wrong opinion in politically correct circles.

Hi,i am Denise W. Morey from Jacksonville, FL.Managed and installed systems to ensure billing efficiency was maintained, eliminating duplicity and reducing outstanding receivables by four days.Have a dream to get love back.I am seeking a position with this company because I care deeply about helping others and I want to use my software troubleshooting skills in my career.

Just a latino dude that draws n chills

My name is Jori H. and I'm a young Finnish solo-indie-gamedev, digital artist, metal musician. INTJ. Aspiring polymath. Owner of Err0rC0degames. Creator of games including The Corpse Crusade and The Ghost Station. Commissions open.

imperial citizen I’m the emperor holy inquisitor have to protect humanity and terra from chaos. discord is blitzkrieg inquisitor #7096 also a gamer |bi 🏳️‍🌈|

19, I'm a Musical Artist, Mentor, Investor, Video Editor, Album Art Designer, Writer, & amazing dumbass *inhales bong* 🌟 @mt_kitsune Discord:Chockky Doggie#6866) --

▮VJ▮ Commissions OPEN▮Digital and traditional artist▮Furry trash ▮Bi 🏳️‍⚧️girl ▮She/ Her, Bee/Bees/Beeself▮White▮17 NSFW ACC's DNI▮ BLM▮

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