My twitter is @femboydee, on here in case Twitter goes to shit (more than it already has). He/him, femboy, I post and retweet lewds, NSFW, MINORS DNI. 日本語が少し下手ですけど、練習が好きです。

Nationalist | #btc | The truth is called hate by those who hate the the truth. | Twink - not trap!!

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I'm that one trap artist everyone confuses with Gujira-sensei.🔞I'm also a femboy I guess. Just here for shits and giggles. My follow does not imply endorsement.

25B Army Vet. Trap Connoisseur. Freedom loving Right Libertarian but libertarian party itself is retarded.

Just a dude who likes anime and guns

Def posting lewds here, love compliments, be as lewd as you like

I like Twitter 2, it's rare the sequel is better than the original

This is a backup account for in case Twitter decides to yeet me for whatever reason. I will probably post and/or remind porn and lewds on here at some point. 18+ ONLY, NO MINORS ALLOWED.

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Jan 2021
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