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Feeding the Flock is an online ministry that delivers content such as; archeological discoveries that support the biblical narrative, testimonies of followers of Christ, true science backed by the Bible, Christian music videos, videos and writings from Christian authors to help in today’s world. What you will not see is; political agendas, government conspiracies or controversies, topics related to covid, pre or mid tribulation rapture supporting, various denominational teachings, the talk of war and rumors of war, or anything else that distracts from the gospel or creates a mindset of fear for those that seek Christ.
We created this group for Christians to share religious content. Share your favorite verses, inspiring memes, Christian news articles relating to Constitutional Liberties and more.
A group for those seeking truth. Join the conversation.
Crypto Feature Update. However, I can provide a general explanation of what a crypto feature update might be.
Are you looking for spiritual direction? The bible claims to be the word of God, and a source of teaching on how to live life successfully. This group is for the purpose of discussing the teachings of God in the Hebrew and Greek scriptures and how they relate to living in the world in the 21st century.
hangout for christian goths, punks, rivetheads, metalheads, etc.
How a Christian ought to be
Jan 2021
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