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Costs a lot to win, and even more to lose You and me bound to spend some time just wonderin’ what to choose

At IMBT Here we focus on the cognitive behavior therapy which is the key to stress management, we treat mental health related issues like Stress, Anxiety, Obsessive Compulsive Disorders etc. Stay Connected for more info.

More people died from vaccine related injuries than mass shootings in 2018. Download VAERS data from your own government to view what effects are being reported from vaccines. Over 47,000 vaccine related injuries were reported in 2018 alone. Over 792K since 1992. Download CSV/Excel file here- This is not a conspiracy theory page. We don't endorse essential oils as medicine. We are simply sharing publicly available data related to vaccine injury and death.

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Hi, Im a Peruvian artist living in Canada. I like to draw n paint my imaginative spiritual creatures and spread good vibes worldwide. I paint canvases, murals, skate graphics n much more. Check out my styles at Check out my online store @

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We learn something new every day. What did you learn today?

Think. Feel. Create. Give. Positive Energy+

Just living off grid and minding my own business.

Feb 2019
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