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Old Fashioned Tradition

empaigeSep 10, 2019, 7:39:58 PM

I am starting a blog on the traditional roles that makeup the nuclear family. Nowadays, the majority of people do not grow their own food, build their own houses, or, in several cases, raise their own children. The longing for easier access to materialistic items has driven us away from who we are, thus driving us away from the understanding of God. Hardships drive us closer to God. Gender roles are often seen as oppressive but perhaps they exist for the purpose of life. Life is about balance. The nuclear family thrives on balance and roles within each member that make it successful. My goal here is to explore those traditional aspects and have an open discussion about them with other Minds members. I plan to focus on old fashioned recipes, canning, hunting, preservation of meats, gardening, soap making, etc.