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Cutting Board Basic Facts You Need to Know

EmmaGloverApr 20, 2019, 2:18:43 AM

Chopping boards also known as cutting board is a basic kitchen component for a long time. The convenience brings when it comes to food preparation is extremely helpful. Likewise, it secures your kitchen countertop from knife starches and marks when cutting food. Without a functional cutting board, for sure food preparation would be a cumbersome and tough task.

If your old cutting board is already damaged, immediately find a new one to replace it. When selecting this kitchen implement is the subject, some people completely ignore it. Well, you can get a cutting board at any store. And, there’s a wide variety of collections of this tool in the market. For sure you’ll never run out of options.

The availability of these cutting board collections allows you to have more choices. However, selecting the best cutting board to buy is trickier than you imagine. Any chef would surely agree.

Take note that not all chopping boards you’ll see in the market are worth spending money. Some are not durable enough to withstand tough cutting, whereas there are cutting boards which are too rough on knives causes blunting.

Thus, before deciding which cutting board to buy, find out the basics you need to know about this kitchen tool, here it is.

Type of Wood

You have to consider the type of wood which makes up the cutting board. Avoid boards that come from softwood life fir, spruce, and pine. This type of wood is not ideal for culinary purposes. It is not durable enough to withstand knife cutting. It can get easily knife-scarred which means it has a shorter lifespan.

A very good selection of boards is made of hardwood like walnut. This type of wood features an incredible strength that is perfect for kitchen use. Moreover, it has a long lifespan that can last up to decades.

End Grain Cutting Boards

When looking for a wooden cutting board, one of the terms you’ll encounter is end grain, edge grain, and face grain.

All of these refer to the type of woodcut used to create a cutting board. But the most cut for chopping blocks and boards are end grain.

An end grain type of cut exposes the wood rings and graining. It is made of pieces of lumber blocks glued together with the end grain facing up. Such a cut enhances the beauty of the wood making it the best choice for home and culinary purposes.

Furthermore, it improves the durability and strength of the wood. End grain wood fibers have the ability to absorb and resist impact from a knife’s blade. Moreover, it heals fast which prevents knife scratches from damaging the wood.

You can find high-quality end-grain wooden cutting boards at leading stores online. And one of the most reliable sources of these culinary tools is the Virginia Boys Kitchens.

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