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The Power of Listening in Effective Communication

elisabethkoogleDec 28, 2018, 12:03:32 AM

There is so much that depends on the kind of communication we have in place at all times. Whether at work or home, we are only as effective as how well we can communicate. Communication involves the exchange of info, where there is speaking and better listening. The speaking bit seems to be well covered. Sadly, not every

one understands or appreciates the listening part. When you learn to listen better, you shall become a more effective communicator.

At work, you shall find that meetings are more productive for everyone in attendance. People should leave the meeting after having participated well, learned something and feeling inspired to go about their duties in the best possible way. But this is hardly the case in the real world. They go on for too long, with either too much information shared, or not nearly enough of it shared, and no clear defined action plan in place. All because somebody failed to listen at some point.

When you listen well, you build empathy. This empathy shall lead to better collaboration when faced with challenges at work. How you tackle these challenges is what determines how well the team shall perform, and how much you shall all grow as individuals.

Effective listening is also critical to the quality of customer care your business is able to offer. A major part of customer care is listening to all messages a client before you are communicating, whether subtle or overt. How you handle those shall determine whether the customer shall leave feeling satisfied with your service, whether they shall proceed to make a purchase, or whether they shall cease all forms of communication with you.

There is also the benefit of having a more pleasant work environment. Employees tend to engage more with each other when there is a better understanding among them. Listening is the best way to achieve such a level of understanding. When there is such a collaborative culture within the organization, it shall become easier to retain the best talent in the house, as everyone is more productive.

When you have a keen focus on listening to your customers, you shall find it easier to come up with products and services, as well as improvements to the existing ones. These shall be designed to get more engagement and commitment from the clients, as you deliver on the things that matter to them the most.

There is, therefore, a need to have you, your management team, the other employees, and especially the customer care teams to improve their listening skills, as part of a higher quality communication culture in the organization.  For further details, please see page!

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