I may disagree with you, but I will fight to the death to protect your God given right (whomever that God may be to you) to express your opinions no matter how unpopular. GAB.com/electrofryed Things I find interesting and/or beautiful. Politics (USA and World) Asian culture and fashion Blue and Purple (favorite colors) Stories of sacrifice The female form (physically and mentally) Nature and Landscape photagraphy Ancient Architecture Blockchain technology Having a little fun trolling SJW's

I am Brazilian men , 15 Years, Conservative, i hate Comunists and i am student of the philosopher Olavo de Carvalho. I HATE stupid teenagers

I'm Mai Ly, 23y, vietnam, i ❤️🐈, Promotional Model Contact me: [email protected] Please like, comment, reminds and subcribe Thanks for donate: PAYPAL: [email protected] VERY VERY THANK YOU! If you like my post, please wire to MAILY

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I post one thing. Tired of politics. Tired of pandemics. Tired of conspiracy theories. Search Minds, lots of great posters with uplifting messages. If I lift folks spirits (or more) than I am contributing to happiness. I make it clear what I post, so don't like it, move on. - The Reverend

Sep 2017
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