I talk about and share various information on animation, manga, video games and other things I find interesting. Along with censorship of various creative media. About me personally I obviously love various Japanese media along with western video games, comics, cartoon and the like. I like seeing indie projects of all different kinds. I am also an artist and like to engage with philosophy, though I'm not the best haha. Feel free to DM me to chat <3

I'm on here to enjoy other blogs/ppl with similar likes/minds. I enjoy music, movies, manga, anime, YouTube, & games in all different genres. I won't lie about being consistent on posting or replying, so plz don't start bashing. I'd also appreciate if any & all nasty thirstyass, salty, hating, spiteful, toxic, & or otherwise just plain out miserable trolls stay tf off my page & out of my inbox. Of course everyone is entitled to an opinion but remember I'm not asking for yours. So do us both a favor and keep that shit to yourself and we'll all be fine.

Minds Historian I'm here to gas Degenerates and post Lolis. And I'm all out of Lolis.

May 2020
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