atheist because I have no convincing evidence of a god. Anti-theist because I have a ton of evidence that religion harms mankind.

Hi, my name's Tu. I'm Vietnamese and I'm from Saigon (South Vietnam). I have one big brother and one little sister. I love martial arts since I was a kid, unfortunate my elder brother got injured in a tournament. Since then, my parents forbid me to training martial arts. However, I was a trouble kid. The more they forbid me, the more I again I want to learn martial arts. I want to join a martial school but I didn't have money so I start teaching my self. I start to ran up and down stairs, I build the punching pole by place a big water pipe on the ground and filled it with concrete inside and started kick it. It was so painful, so I use water hose to wrap around the pole and practiced kick it every days after school. One day, My mom's friend stop by to visit us. After he saw my practiced, he told me that's not the right way to training martial arts. He told me to finish high school, find something you like to study, get a degree and find a job first. He is also teaches me about meditations and the "Law of attractions" After graduation college and got the job. I paid to my first BJJ class, I also enroll to study Vietnamese Traditional Martial Art ( Binh-Dinh ) in temple. I love to study the world martial arts and I have been learning for 7 year. I met many good friends from martial arts ( open mats, tournaments, schools) and we like to share the martial arts to everyone. For me, Martial arts isn't just a business nor just healthy exercises. Its also teaching us about morality and self-discipline. "There is no enemy outside out soul. The real enemies live inside us: ANGER, EGO, GREED and HATE."

Artifice Re-Animate On IndieGoGo! Sign Up HERE: https://igg.me/at/ArtificeReAnimate @COREComics Production Manager Writer | Self-Aware Pseudonym

INTJ. Enneagram 5-3-9. Quant Analyst. World Citizen. I'm on here to learn about you and your perspectives on the world. If I ever seem critical, it might be that I'm just testing the waters to truth. I'm on here to challenge my own ideologies and more interesting is not what you think but why you think it. Some times I will remind your content just because I commented on it, not because I agreed with it, but because I think you raised a really good discussion point and I want our views to come together. I value our human race in all its colors, our planet, the unification of science and spirituality, individualism, and unity. I like to think and I want the freedom to go wherever the thinking takes me. That's what fills my heart but that doesn't mean that I never let my heart inform my thinking. I like art, poetry, math, philosophy, coding, AI, data science, statistics, data, economics, running, nutrition, exercise, psychology, health studies, and the occasional conspiracy theory. ------------------------------------ Groups ------------------------------------ Please join my group on Personality Types: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/958489427467513856 My Quora-like idea: https://www.minds.com/groups/profile/1196532826443599872/feed

A Cleaning Lady coding with Flutter / Firebase Founder of @cleanr - Digitizing Home Cleaning. Trying to improve one thought at a time.

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Sharing Gifs and Pics that I find interesting or humorous. The majority of my posts are borrowed from someone else whom I'll credit if I can. HAPPILY MARRIED GRANDFATHER LIVING IN NZ.

🤖ReWired Ramen 🍜
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Eccentric creative-type living in Tokyo Robots, Mutants, Aliens, Monsters, Ghosts, Yokai, Ninja, Pirates, Cyborgs, Androids, Kaiju, Mythological Creatures Ramen, Pizza, Burger, Sushi, Curry, Taco, Enchilada, Adobo, Gyoza, Nachos, Jalapeño Poppers, Buffalo Wings Surrealism, Pop Art, Cyberpunk, Steampunk, Atompunk, Neoclassical, Romantic, Vaporwave/ Seapunk, HyperRealism, Conceptual, Glitch Art, Papier-mâché Bonsai, Cacti, Terrariums, Ferns, Moss, Rocks, Minerals, Reptiles, Amphibians, Avians, Octopi, lesser primates, weird dogs Meaningwave, Punk, Reggae, ElectroSwing, Chiptune, OST BGM, Showa Jidai, Retro Japanese Funk, Citypop, Visual Kei, Ska, Rockabilly, Metal, Surf Rock, Exotica Video Games, Anime, Manga, Comics, Airbrushing, Gardening, Hiking, Crafting

Esmali 🍀
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coach 💃 mother of two children👩‍👦‍👦 scorpion

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✨Hello! Thanks for checking in on my page. I mostly post cats and memes. Let’s be frens!

Raymond G.
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Marine Corps Veteran. Proud American. Sc-Fi Everything. Amo a Mi Familia. Life Lover. Truth Seeker. Wonderful Mind with a Lick of Laughter. Books. Amine. Movies. Reality. The Woods. Not Living Life Through a Computer or a Phone. @turk_longwell

Hello and thanks for visiting! We're Canadian and play PS4 and do not use any mods. Anything we earn in games is legitimately earned.

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