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Manage Your Minds

Dr. CassoneNov 14, 2019, 3:30:47 PM

6 points to increase your presence and enjoy the ride on Minds.

1 Year

I've been here on Minds for 1 year and the experience has been rewarding in many ways. Whatever your reasons for being here, it's ultimately about the people and the mission of creating a safe and reliable platform for news, arts, and information about the world. Here are six points that you may find useful here on Minds.

1. Post Great Content

This point seems obvious but actually most people are used to other platforms filtering out their lame content. That means they never upset their subscribers because the platform saves them from their own lack of creativity. But on Minds, there is no filter or algorithm. If your posts are lame you will lose subscribers. This means you want to be more careful to post or remind the very best content as if your channel is your resume, your message, your ultimate creation. 

2. Use the Post Scheduler

Posting too many posts in a row will clog the stream and you may lose subscribers or fail to connect with people. There are some great channels here that post too often and too much content for me to subscribe to (I have to visit occasionally or my stream would be dominated by their posts). The post scheduler allows posts to be scattered throughout the day. Personally I post a scheduled post once a day (scheduled up to a month in advance). These posts are my original content. The rest of the time my posts are reminds (which generally is about one remind per day). 

3. Boost Wisely 

The posts that already get reminded and already have good traction will be the ones worth boosting. You can do a test boost for 1,000 views to gauge success. Once you have a high quality post then boost 5,000 views so the Minds community can enjoy it. Posts that are duds are not well received. You may feel the message is important but if you force it into the stream you will clutter the boost stream and decrease the overall success of the platform. Build your community and connections first, then your message will be received. 

4. Hashtags

Use hashtags. Their function here has not been great historically but the Minds team appears committed to this feature which means it will improve over time. Searchability is a key to topic of interest focused platforms like Minds. 

5. Report Spam

Minds is a community of participants. It is up to all of us to weed the garden. In order for this platform to really take off, the new users need to look at Minds and fall in love with it. Other platforms use a manipulation to make the feeds enjoyable but here it's up to us collectively. This also means that E-tags should be in place when appropriate. 

6. Complete Your Bio

Your bio section can tell a brief story and give clues to help others decide whether or not to subscribe. I often go to channels only to find the bio section blank. At that point it will take some work to see what the channel is about. Completing the bio section gets to the point. The bio section also allows for links to websites or to favorite groups. Another great feature is the pin option for posts. You can pin up to 3 of your best posts to give potential subscribers a peak of your awesomeness. 

I hope you find these simple points useful. Together we can take back social media from companies that exploit and manipulate.