I make furry commentary/cringe videos about terrible things that exist on the Internet. Website: YouTube channel: Become a supporter for sweet rewards:

I mostly post memes, but occasionally I also write things. I'm incredibly communist and unapologetically white. I work as a bookseller at a famous bookstore chain which will remain unnamed. I'm a huggable teddy bear and give free hugs to all manly capitalist friends. Please try not to take either the internet or me very seriously; it's not good for your health.

Errrrr yepp Dudes Closet furfag Dirty centerist

My name is Jori H. and I'm a young Finnish solo-indie-gamedev, digital artist, metal musician. INTJ. Aspiring polymath. Owner of Err0rC0degames. Creator of games including The Corpse Crusade and The Ghost Station. Commissions open.

19, Google+ veteran, Twitter refugee, cult member according to a Reddit atheist, lurker mostly and an expert procrastinator when it's comes to art.

- Two Time Novelist - Aspiring TTRPG Designer - Werewolf Fan

Just a dummy firedog on the internet. Rumors of my Ph.D. have been greatly exaggerated.

Jan 2021
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