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I'm drake, welcome to my channel. Like and remind my awesome content.

pacstove.com Patio and camp stove multi-purpose. #Industrial-design #interrupt-sourcing method #camping #grilling #madeinusa Minds. Our place for macho mental stuff. Patriot signal boosting. Red pill relay station. *CROWD SOURCE* Help our metrics plz. Google doesn't like small biz or made in USA. It's simple. search pac grill , pac smoker, pacstove grill, pacstove barbeque, and find our website addy down the list. Help us t-bag the algo. Share this link around: www.pacstove.com etc. Thank you for your help. We give back through our Felon to Melon program. Commies and soy lefties are censored and perma banned here. Free speech is only for free people.

The T-Rex Paddock
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🦖Please follow and I will follow back 🦖 🦖An eclectic resource of anything and everything Jurassic 🌎 and all things Dinosauria 🌴 Join the T-Rex Paddock on social media, links located below!🦖10k subscribers on YT. 2.5+ million views.🦖 🌴The 🦖Paddock Review: Jurassic Unboxings! Featuring 🦄Uninerd🦄 🦖T-Rex Paddock Newscast: Jurassic Park Franchise and Paleontology 📰 🌴 Dinosaur🎮Gaming🦖 🦕 🦖 🦕More to come!🦖 🦕. https://linktr.ee/trexpaddock

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Subscribe to me and I will subscribe to you

I'm crazy but loved to be treated calmly

Lover of all time. business minded and fun to be with.

Minds is verified and I love it.

calm, gentle, nice and handsome

Eating is my kind of thing. I love happy ending.

love is simplicity and trust is accepting to be hurt

Hardworking and ready to get busy with any work.

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Sep 2021
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