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He was cast down into the netherworld forever!
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I do not support half measures. I am not nor ever have been alt-right. No alt-lite, kekistanis, or cuckservatives. Also, if you're going to cuck to a foreign, invasive religion, don't do it here. [Wallpapers group]

I think. I question. I have opinions, and I know ideas.    You have power over your mind - not outside events. Realize this, and you will find strength. ~Marcus Aurelius

A group of guys who go out in 4x4s and drive as far away from people as often as possible. Some say what we do is called overlanding or wheeling or maybe exploring or expedition. Labels lol. This is what we do and how we do it. PICTURES HERE ARE TAKEN BY US. There will be from time to time girls in bikinis or similar attire and presented in a sexually provocative manner. Not just me but basically everyone likes them. There are lots of pages that don't have that, so if you don't like that get off this page before your offended and find no safe space. #jeep #toyota #overland #4x4 #diesel #trucks #pnw #mud #offroad #camping #explore #mountains

The truth doesn't care about your feelings, and neither do I.     ▪ Anti-Gynocentrism ▪Anti-Globalism ▪White Advocate      

California, United States
Sep 2016
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