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Introduction To Flat Fee Realtor - The Best Option For Comfort Selling

discoverthehomesellingguideJul 19, 2019, 4:25:33 PM

When we say flat fee realtor, we are referring to a licensed real estate salesperson who is paid in a set amount for the services he or she has rendered. This is opposite to those real estate agents who are giving commission for their services. To be more precise, a flat fee realtor Denver is paid right after closing a set rate which both parties have agreed beforehand. Rather than spending the agent a percentage of the lease price or sales price, a flat fee will be given to them once the deal is sealed or right after closing the title. As for the cost, it can be based on many different factors which include the property being for sale or rent, the amount of time the realtor wants to work for the client and other circumstances in which a flat fee is preferred over a commission-based transaction.

Another thing about a flat fee realtor that you should be aware of is that they prefer to have a flat fee rather than a commission-based transaction because they can guarantee to pay for the service they rendered. In addition to that, it is beneficial for both them and their clients as well. For example, if a person is in the market to sell his or her home and the realtor fee of a traditional seller is three percent, the total commission that they will get from the purchased home with the price of two hundred thousand dollars is six thousand dollars. On the other hand, if the realtor is a discount realtor, this means that they could offer their service to a client at a flat rate, which is less than six percent, albeit the selling price of the home is over two hundred thousand dollars. This means that the BlueMatch company will have a fee that is less than six thousand dollars while the client will be able to save more for their property. 

You may say that flat fee realtors are not making that much money, but you are mistaken because the mere fact that they are offering their service for a discounted price is what makes clients drawn to them. For instance, in every transaction, they can handle five or six clients; this means that they can earn more when compared to a commissioned based purchase. And the more clients they have, the higher the earnings they will get. Read more by clicking on this link : https://www.huffpost.com/entry/top-5-things-home-sellers_b_6464008.